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Manage your employees in a smart way using the latest technology. Manage your each employee records in a single place. Easily send emails individually or all together. Invite your employees to collaborate



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Main Features Of PepoPeople

Manage your employees in a smart way using the latest technology

Simple and easy management

Easily store employee information and add custom fields too. Attach relevant employee files. Easily add or delete entry with one touch.

Send individual or mass emails

You can send emails to each employee individually or send mass emails with personalization with just one touch of a button.

Get instant notifications

Whether you or your employee add a comment or you do a company announcement, you and your employees will get an instant notification on the app.

Invite your teammates with Ease

Invite your teammates either by emailing an invite link through the app or just by sharing the link with your teammates. They can join in less than a minute.

Step 1

Keep all your employees records in one place

You can manage all your employees data and files in one place. Also, you can email or schedule email without jumping around different tools.

PepoPeople is on the Cloud. So, no need to install any software. All the settings have already been pre-configured for optimal performance, eliminating the need for users to tinker with any configurations.

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Step 2

Send email to all the employees with one touch with personalization

You can schedule to send personalized emails to all your employees at once with just a click.

You can add attachments, CC or BCC emails as per your requirements.

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Step 3

Schedule or Send Email individually

You can also send or schedule emails individually without leaving PepoPeople app.

Every sent email will be recorded in Sent Emails section so you can refer to your sent emails anytime you want. All the attached files will be saved on PepoPeople too for your future reference.

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Step 4

Export your entire data to a csv file

Export all the all the entries to a csv file with just a click. That way, you can have a local backup too if you want.

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Step 5

Import data from your Excel sheet into PepoPeople

Have all the data in an Excel sheet? No problem. You can easily import the data into PepoPeople by clicking our Import Data button.

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Step 6

Invite and Add unlimited number of members to your project

There is absolutely no limit. You will not be charged for the members you add to PepoPeople. You can add unlimited number of members. Almost everyone in the market charge their customers per member basis. However, we believe you need a team to succeed. So, you are welcome to add any number of members to your team with no additional charges.

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Step 7

Organize all the uploaded files in one place!

In addition to the task, you can see all the uploaded files on the home page in the Uploaded Files tab. So, you can organize all the files in one place.

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Step 8

Customize columns or change the status, priority with ease

You can customize the columns or changing the status or priority seamlessly.

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Step 9

Search anything in your data

Want to search and find an entry with their first name, or their city name? Just enter it on the Search tab, PepoPeople will pull up the entry for you in no time.

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Step 10

Record Time Sheet With ease

Your employees can add time sheet against the set project, record time real time. You can add company holidays and projects. Also, you can import or export the time sheets into a Excel file.

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Step 11

Know who is in your team is off in a calendar/list view and plan accordingly

Your employees can request time off and send your admin/manager notifications. Owner and admins can view both their and their teams time offs in a calendar or list view.

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Step 12

Get the payroll of all your employees for any period

You can get the payroll information of all your employees for any selected period based on their in app or manually recorded time sheets including tax information. You can also export them into an Excel sheet.

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Step 13

You can do company announcements and notify all your employees

Whether you want to notify something to all your employees or publish a company news with file attachments, you can do so with the help of company announcements. Your employees can comment/like them. You can also disable comments section for a particular announcement.

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Step 14

Appreciate and record your employees extraordinary performance in public

Would you like to encourage your employees by giving appreciation stars to your employees? Simply hit Add Appreciation button and record what your employee did to earn this star. You can use these star numbers to find out the performance stats of your employees.

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Read trusted reviews from our customers

This is a small sampling of the eclectic array of our clients' reviews.


Mario Suntar

CEO at WoodBows

In general, I find PepoPeople to be a commendable HRMS tool. It effectively organizes data based on specific requirements and includes built-in customization options that enhance the overall user experience. The user interface is straightforward, and the tools ease of use sets it apart, especially considering the often complex nature of similar tools. Its seamless integration with our company and minimal buffering time further contribute to its positive attributes.

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Stephen Jay

CEO at Charis IT

PepoPeople serves as an all-encompassing assistant for the company, streamlining HR tasks through innovative features such as daily timesheet that provide notifications for employee arrivals and departures, setting it apart from others. This convenient tool facilitates the management of clock-ins, securely stores crucial documents, and monitors work hours, ensuring seamless calculation of payrolls.

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Peter K

CFO at AppTecHub

PepoPeople is the go-to platform for our company, centralizing all employee-related data, including timesheets, attendance, leave, time tracking, and more. I believe it significantly enhances HRs ability to effectively manage the workforce database.

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Joanna Webb

Doctor at Joanna Clinic

PepoPeople stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. The graphical user interface (GUI) is highly intuitive, making navigation straightforward. Additionally, the customer support for this tool is exceptional. The team is hands-on, promptly addressing errors or any inquiries related to the tool. Keep up the excellent work!

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Christopher Thomas

Sales Manager at TrinityWired

PepoPeople feels like having a personal HR administrator right on my laptop. It is user-friendly, making it easy to locate documents, find necessary information, and record data effortlessly. The tool has been particularly helpful in tracking my working hours while working from home during the pandemic.


John Miller


PepoPeople is the type of software that, over time, seamlessly adapts to your work style and aligns with your specific needs. Its high level of customization and versatility caters to a wide range of users. I highly recommend it for employee management and time tracking, as it surpasses other software with similar features.

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Cloud-based PepoPeople lets you manage your employees data, their timesheets, timeoff requests, and payroll with taxes. You can also do company news/announcements, get feedback from your employees and attach files. You can appreciate and record your employees for their extraordinary performances.

You can easily invite your teammates. No need to pay extra to add members as all of our plans comes with unlimited members.

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